(Last updated: 4th January 2008)

These pages exclude certain families altogether (usually descendants of remoter
branches) and people born after 1900 are excluded.
Use the indexes to identify the name of an ancestor.  A new page will then appear, with
a chart on the right showing the family tree - click on the arrows to reveal more detail.

There are over 200 pictures and photographs as well as one or two other files. 
To see these, scroll down the upper left hand pane. Sources will be listed, followed by
'objects' (mostly pictures).

To see further detail of a source (where available) or a picture, click on the link.
A further link will appear in the lower left hand pane.
Click on this link and the
detail of the source (where available) or the picture will be
revealed. When you
have finished with the picture, click the cross in the top right hand corner.

There is further help information on the family history pages.

Click here to access the charts and other information